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Medlock Bridge (CRNRA)

A small (43 acres) but welcome unit of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.  Located at one of the many bends in the river, this is a popular boat launch site.  The trails amount to about 3 miles in length and are easier to traverse than many of the other units. 

Directions:  From Atlanta, take I-85 north to I-285.  Go west on I-285 and then go north on Peachtree Industrial Blvd.  Veer to the left at Peachtree Pkwy., the road changes names to Medlock Bridge.  Just before you cross over the river, the park will be located on your right.

Notes:  Don't be surprised if you come to a dead end.  The trail network consists of  a couple of connecting loops and  a path that just goes along the river shoreline to the edge of the park property.  You will just have to turn around at the end of this trail and come back.

Parking:  There are two parking lots, the one on the left (as you drive into the park) is more for the boat launch.  However, the trail is accessible from either.
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