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CRNRA-Chattahoochee River
National Recreation Area

All along the Chattahoochee, starting just south of Buford Dam and ending at Paces Mill, are Park units of the CRNRA. Most of these offer jogging/walking trails.  Scattered throughout are pieces of Georgia history, including old homesites and mill ruins.
Parking:  All the parking info.
The parking decal allows you unlimited parking at all of the CRNRA units.

For more Info.:

1978 Island Ford Pkwy
Atlanta, GA  30350-3400

Park info:  770-399-8070
or              770-952-4419
Park concessionaire info:  770-395-6851
Park emergencies:  770-952-0370  or dial 911

Safety Tips:
1.  Be aware.  Choose not to be a target.
2.  Take a friend with you.  It's more fun & safe.
3.  Stay on designated trails.
4.  Watch for natural dangers (exposed tree roots, rocks, fallen trees, poison ivy, snakes, steep hills, cliffs, tornadoes, sun spots and other cosmic disturbances).
5.  If you find yourself in an emergency and need to call 911 you will need to know the exact address of the park.  It is posted on the information kiosk near the parking lot. 
6.  The only real dangers for the vast majority of people are getting lost or locking your keys in your car.  Tie a spare key onto your shoe lace.  To keep from getting lost, just stick to a simple "out-and-back" run.  When you are more comfortable with the trail, then explore some.

Trail maps for many of the trails.

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