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Outdoor Activity Center
at Bush Mountain

Now this is truly an Atlanta trail.  Located just 3 miles from downtown Atlanta, this 26 acre site sports 3 miles of jogging trails. 

The center is very active in education and learning activities.  If you have children you may want to bring them for one of the many available programs.  Perhaps while they are busy up in the treehouse classroom, you could log in some miles.

The entrance is locked when the park is not officially open, so call before you visit. 

Some people may not consider the neighborhood to be very safe.  As is the case with any park, please be careful.

Directions:  From Atlanta, go west on I-20.  Exit at Ashby Street and turn left.  Follow Ashby St. just a block or two and turn right onto David Abernathy.  Turn left off of Abernathy on to Lawton St.  Cross the railroad tracks and turn right onto Richland Rd.  The Center is on the left.

For More Info.: 
1442 Richland Rd. SW
Atlanta, GA  30310


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