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Al Bishop Complex


This is the site that has hosted many High School Cross-Country races, Including the State Finals.  It constitutes a loop course of about 1 mile.

The trail starts  in a wide open field very near the intersection of  Callaway Rd. and Al Bishop Dr.

Directions:  From Downtown Atlanta, take I-75 north to Windy Hill Rd. go west on Windy Hill Rd. for a long, long way until it ends at Austell Rd.  Turn right onto Austell Rd. then left onto County Services Pkwy. Then left again on Al Bishop Dr.

Parking:  There really is only one place to park, on the grass or gravel parking lot.  The lot is in front of an open field where the start/finish for the races is.

Conditions:  Good dirt trail, usually wide enough for 2 or more abreast.  The terrain, for the most part is fairly tame.  About 25% of the trail goes through wide open fields and as such can be hard to follow.  Also part of the trail consists of a gravel road.  Once you have made it around the loop once, you'll have no more trouble following it.

Trail photos

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