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Gold Branch (CRNRA)

Extending 7 miles, this expansive path consists of a single line with a couple of loops that connect to it.  According to some runners this trail is not well suited for running.  The path is too narrow.

Directions:  From Atlanta, take I-75 north to I-285. Go east on I-285 to Riverside Drive.  Turn left onto Riverside Dr. and go a few miles before turning left onto Johnson Ferry Rd. (you will pass the Johnson Ferry North CRNRA).  Go a couple of miles and turn right onto Lower Roswell Rd.  Look for the park entrance on the right before you get to Willeo Rd.

Tim Swoger had this to say about the trail:
"It is very secluded and rugged.  The beauty is that you are out there on your own.  Not a lot of people traffic...The downside is that it is very narrow throughout and you really have to keep an eye open for rocks bumps, etc.  There is a long, narrow stretch (at least 1 mile) along the river that is really great."

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