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East Palisades, CRNRA

This unit contains about 5 miles of trails.  Winding through forested floodplains, ridges and ravines, these trails display a natural beauty in all seasons.  For thousands of years this area has been occupied by humans, including Indian villages.

Parking:  There are a couple of places to park.  To start your route along the river there is a parking lot off of Whitewater Creek Rd.  The other lot is at the end of Indian Trail (just off of Northside Dr.)
More parking info.

Directions:  From Atlanta, take I-75 north to I-285. Go east on I-285 to Northside Drive.  Go south on Northside Dr., travel about 1 mile and turn onto Indian Trail.  Indian Trail ends at the parking lot.

Notes:  As is the case with many Atlanta trails,  this is a very special place which showcases some beautiful vistas.  Of special interest is the view of the river from the wooden overlook. 

Along the river shoreline mud can be a concern, especially after heavy rain.  Hills!  there are lots of them and they are formidable but fun.

Trail Photos

Trail map

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